About Us

Your Story

Not all adventures need a dragon. A vacation in Maine, a road trip with college friends, or the best donut you've ever had make great adventures on their own. You have great stories to tell so why not tell them? They are what makes you You. That's why Jo and I started Rouxco Leather Goods in 2021 - to help you share your stories through the things you carry with you every day. 

Our Story

After a few years of making various goods for friends and family I finally made a wallet for myself. I wanted something different from the same classic bi-fold in shades of brown and black that I saw everywhere. I wanted something with a little character or a pop of color. Something that felt like me. If I was going to invest the time and materials I wanted it to feel personal.

While I was brainstorming ideas our two dogs were brainstorming ways to con me into giving them more treats. Juneau-Roux and Piper got their treats of course; just before ripping Juneau's favorite bandana while wrestling. Inspiration struck and I had found the perfect idea for my new wallet. I searched for the right leathers and threads to match Juneau's coat and blue eyes and I lined it with that old torn bandana.

The result is a wallet that makes me smile every time I use it. It's started a lot of conversations and given me and excuse to tell stories about my dogs to complete strangers. Carrying something in my pocket that reminds me of my best bud is a fantastic feeling - a feeling Jo and I want to share with everyone.

We now make leather goods meant to share our story and yours; to be personal and serve as reminders of good times. Living in the beautiful state of Maine makes it easy to draw inspiration from the adventure offered by the forests and oceans around us. Our products feature colors and designs that stand out and are inspired by our adventures in Maine. We also offer fully custom work; designed from the ground up to create something that feels right to you if our other products don't. Does your adventure have a dragon in it? We can do that - let us help you tell that story and make something that feels like You

Our Mission

It is Rouxco Leather Goods' mission to make quality products that help our customers tell their story; goods that are connected to a moment, place, feeling, or some piece of the customer. We will always work to approach this honestly, transparently, and with integrity.