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  • Brown Wickett & Craig leather coaster held in hand with open book in the background
  • Brown Wickett & Craig leather coaster laying on desk with open book in the background
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Rouxco Leather Goods

Leather Coasters set of 4 | Brown

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$30.00 USD

Tired of coasters turning into a soggy mess or spilling pooled liquid? That's why we make these coasters from the same leather that's used for equestrian bridles.  

  •  We use a thick Wickett & Craig bridle leather to make these coasters because it's stuffed with tallows and waxes at the tannery. This means that it will absorb condensation and occasional spills without soaking through or falling apart. It won't leave a messy pool of unabsorbed liquid under your glass like non-absorbent coasters either.
  • Easy to care for! Just let them air dry at room temperature when you're done with them. You can keep your coasters feeling like new and looking great by applying a conditioner like Smiths Leather Balm as needed.
  • The soft leather won't scratch your furniture and looks fantastic; with two colors to choose from you can match any decor. 
  •  At 3.5" x 3.5" they are a great size for any desk, sideboard, or dining table.